Scott Pellico

Scott Pellico

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First Name * Scott
Last Name * Pellico
Username * Appylon
Country * USA
City Orlando
Nationality American
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


My name is Scott Pellico.

I am trying my hand out at several fields of art. I love to draw, sculpt, paint, and even design if it strikes me. I feel all art is really complimentary toward each other, and though I've really only been doing art seriously for a few years, I am interested beyond anything in improving my skill set.

CGSociety has been a source of inspiration for me and I am proud to be a member of its community. I hope to contribute my work with the hopes that it will document my progression as an artist through the coming years.

Thanks for viewing my profile, and I hope it doesn't let you down. As always with anything I do constructive criticism is encouraged.

For my other sites visit: and

Thanks again!


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